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Before PixelShips... by Gemini000 Before PixelShips... by Gemini000
I'm sure some of the people who've played my game PixelShips may be wondering what kind of revisions it originally went through. Well... it could've, quite frankly, been quite a different game...

This conceptshot was created only a handful of days before I came up with the PixelShips concept. The idea was to make a game where many of the features of the game would be randomly generated, including the weapons! However, I was only 17 or 18, and the idea of randomly generated weapons was a bit too complicated to wrap my head around at the time from a design perspective. I kept the idea of randomly generated maps though, and then had the thought, "Pokémon meets Gradius!"...

...the rest is history! ; D

(NOTE: As with all the conceptshots I post, it is very unlikely I will ever make these games, but if you want to make them you need to contact me first!)
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gamerrobot Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
You don't know how awesome a game you made! I really love this Gradius-Pokemon concept. Same could be said to the gameplay, all 160 of the ships, etc. It would have been even greater if there would be some sound effects and/or musics. Also, the Omega ship is either a kind of a cheatster or you made it THAT hard to beat it. If I have to grade it, I'd give it an A.
Gemini000 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014

Mind you, every game and its mutant offspring have collection systems in them now, with the current trend being to put "crafting" into everything.  : P

But yeah, it PixelShips would've been a lot different had I gone with this earlier design instead.

travisuped Featured By Owner May 18, 2009
I actually spent a full 10 minutes doubting this title was what I thought it was about when I first clicked it! I have distinct memories of playing Pixel ships for a while, shortly after I decided I was going to do a switch to Linux as my primary OS, and it was about the only game I really played at that time.
It's been quite a while since I've touched it, but I still pretty clearly remember trying to work through those levels and get more ships to make the other stages easier and more suiting to how I wanted to play.

Glad to meet you. ;3 Pixelships is a fun one.

I can't really even begin to imagine how the randomly generated weapons might have worked out, though. I can't get a mental image of what that would be like.
Gemini000 Featured By Owner May 18, 2009
Hee hee. It's kind of fun that you actually had played PixelShips before. If it was THAT long ago though it must've been a really old version before I rebalanced everything, added customizable controls, joystick support, etc.

But yeah, weapon randomization... I've come up with several systems for how weapon randomization would work in a game since I made this conceptshot. This idea, since it was one of my first, is similar to the materials of equipment in the Elder Scrolls games such as Daggerfall.

There would be a selection of base weapons and then also a selection of energy types represented by colours. Each energy type affects damage, rapidity, speed and energy usage and the better an energy type is, the harder it is to come across. And of course, the colour of the weapon icon also reflects the colour of the weapon shots themselves! ; )
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April 24, 2009
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